Soap & Water

Ziegler Co.

Soap & Water

Written and performed by Ziegler Co.

Lyrics by Adam J Morgan and Daniel Priddle.

Produced by Fraser Rieley at Delacroix Studios.

Mastered by Matt Pinfield at Grandflat Recordings, Wolverhampton.

Ziegler Co. are:

Michael Benohr
Adam J Morgan
Daniel Priddle
Fraser Rieley

Additional vocals on 'Dalliance' by Lucinda John-Duarte (c/o Alaskalaska)

Additional lyrics on 'Blue' by Amy Higgitt and Sarah Lawlor

Artwork by Georgie McAusland (

Special thanks to:

George, Barbara and Harriet J Woodcock, Anna Patarakina, Lucinda John Duarte, Georgie McAusland, Oliver Paulsson and Eleni Theodoridou, Lil' Miss Mia, Mr. and Mrs. Hoofy et al at Foof Records, Matt Pinfield, Simon Matthews, Peter Radcliff, The Zieglerettes and anyone who keeps coming back to see us or listen to our music.