A message from Forrest:

Howdy Friends,

I have been listening to "what we are going to release", trying to come up with an order and I thought I should tell you how this happened.

A while ago Frank Lenz gave me his old recording interface and software; so I dove in. I sang in styles I was unaccustomed to, played instruments that I didn't usually get a chance to (clarinet, harmonica?), dabbled with eq's & effects that I had never seen (and still do not understand) in an attempt to learn how to record (I have not). Along the way, I shared these recordings with my friends as a lark.

So time passes, Pro Tools dies a million times and I just let the songs sit on my computer - until foof appears. I love the idea of a label that gives music away. My good buddy Hoofy is right in the center of the label and he asks me to release the “recordings” as a collection. So, unwilling to let them into the world as they were, I sent them my best friend Frank; miraculously he did the best he could with what was given to him and even added some lovely flourishes to round out the sound. Apparently he was assisted by some other friends: Elijah Thompson and Scott Huckabee.

When Frank had done his magic, we sent it off to Hoofy and the gang at foof. Hoofy and I worked out the artwork (though he did all the work). The thank yous are too numerous, but there is of course Evelyn--my love, my many brilliant friends--especially my good buddy Hoofy who is always a great sounding board / encouragement. Of course, this would not be possible without Frank; don't blame him for the shortcomings—these were conversations in my living room—he gave them continuity and made them cohesive, stripping off layers of my noodling and cleaning up what was left.

Why is it called peaces? That is how I sign off my correspondence with friends and if you are listening to this you are most certainly a friend, so it seemed fitting that I introduce this as what it is--a correspondence, and call it & close it with . . .


forrest cokely

(All tracks written by Forrest Cokely except 1, by Leonard Cohen)

Chelsea Hotel #2
Dark Bar

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