I’m A Ghost (II)/Tunnels

Ziegler Co.

I’m A Ghost (II)/Tunnels

Written and performed by Ziegler Co.
Lyrics by Daniel Priddle (I'm a Ghost [II]) and Adam J Morgan (Tunnels)
Recorded in Goldsmiths Music Studios
Engineered by Harri Chambers, Asstd. Osian Hooson
Additional material recorded by Fraser Rieley in Studio Delacroix
Mixed by Fraser Rieley.

Ziegler Co. are:
Adam J Morgan (vocals, guitars, backing vocals)
Daniel Priddle (vocals, guitars, backing vocals)
Fraser Rieley (bass, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals, production)

Peter Radcliff (drums)
Hannah Warburton, Louise Corner & Sarah Impey, courtesy of A Blossom Fell (backing vocals, track 1)

With special thanks to:
Michael Benöhr, A Blossom Fell, The Zieglerettes, Anna & Peter Radcliff, Albert Testani, and the babes at Foof HQ.