Got A Plan/Borowski’s Egg

Ziegler Co.

Got A Plan/Borowski’s Egg

Further closing the conceptual gap between the eternally hip vinyl format and the unfairly-maligned MP3, Ziegler Co here issue the first of 2 double ‘A’-side releases coming out on Foof this year.

Written and performed by Ziegler Co. Engineered/Produced by Peter Radcliff at Ooteedee Studios. Mixed by Peter Radcliff and Ziegler Co.

Ziegler Co. are: Daniel Priddle (vocals, guitars, ukulele, mellotron) Adam J Morgan (guitars, backing vocals, mellotron) Fraser Rieley (bass guitar, percussion, strings, melodica, backing vocals)

With: Luke Patterson, courtesy of Clean Bandit (drums, track 1) Peter Radcliff (percussion, vocals) Harriet J Woodcock (trumpet, French horn) Arthur Jeffes, courtesy of Penguin Cafe (harmonium, track 2)

With special thanks to: Tom Radcliff, Eva Abraham, The Zieglerettes, nearby residents of Waller Road, Arthur Jeffes, Julian Bowman, Simon Matthews, Tadeusz Borowski.