Four Locks

Harriet J Woodcock

Four Locks

Four Locks is the debut solo release from our favourite London-based trumpet-playing singer-songwriter Harriet J Woodcock.

All words by Harriet J Woodcock.
Music on track 1 by Harriet J Woodcock, tracks 2 & 3 by Harriet J Woodcock & Matthew Pinfield, track 4 by Harriet J Woodcock & Adam J Morgan. Performed by Harriet J Woodcock, Adam J Morgan, Jessie Wyld, Matthew Pinfield, Wrenford Hoof and Alex Foley.

1 & 4 recorded and mixed by Alex Foley & Wrenford Hoof, 2 & 3 recorded and mixed by Matthew Pinfield.

When You Were Listening
Learning To Read
Postcard From Home

Track Listing