Foof Yourself Vol 3

Foof Records

Foof Yourself Vol 3

A selection of tracks from our latest releases, all hand-picked by the Foof team. It’s free to download, but you can also donate to the label if you wish to, to help us carry on assisting all these wonderful musicians in their nightmarish quest to get their music heard by the rest of the world.

The full album can also be streamed on SoundCloud here:

Original cover photo by Michael Orrell - Instagram @michaelorrellphoto
Layout and visual fuckery by Hoofy.

Jupiter Cats - A Disengagement Party
Ziegler Co. - Clarity
Harriet J Woodcock - Jessie Tells Me
The Stoop - Easy For You
Phoebe Robinson - Daytime TV
Big Boy Tomato - Head
Upbeat Sneakers - Hope & Glory
Janina & James - A Good Man
Jupiter Cats - Ma Cherie Est Mort
Ziegler Co. - Tunnels
Big Boy Tomato - Armpits
White Deer Grotto Academy - Gulf Of Ob
(Exclusive bonus track) Ziegler Co. - Grind Me Down

Track Listing