Foof Yourself Vol 2

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Foof Yourself Vol 2

Remember the days when you could wander into a dingy record shop, saunter up to the counter with a copy of the new ‘Spare Snare’ album and say ‘uh… could you put this on?’ and give it a listen before deciding whether or not to spend a whole £3.99 on it? Well, we miss those days too, and we like the idea of showing you, dear Foofers, what we have been up to over the past year without you having to download full releases if you’re not sure what you’re ‘getting yourself into’. So, in precisely the same way that we did with volume 1 last January, we present to you the second in our ‘Foof Yourself’ mixtape series, featuring sample tracks from all the releases we have put out over the last 12 months.

As usual, we welcome you to enjoy this record as you please… you can sit down with a pad and paper and make copious notes on the relative merits of each artist for your own meticulous filing system, skip through the playlist on your mp3 player on your way to work until you find something you like, or light some candles, adorn your floor with cushions and blankets and just… let it all happen to you.

However, the absolute best thing you can do is let us know what you think! What do you like? What do you not like quite as much? What makes you sick right down to your stomach..? We love a compliment as much as the next label, but we can also take it on the chin, so let us know your honest opinions.

Also, the zip file you are downloading contains a printable stencil for you to cut out and use with your favourite colour of spray-paint. (Responsibly of course).

N.B. No sample tracks are available on this page, but the full album is streamable here:

Ziegler Co. - The Recluse (from the EP 'Portraiture')
Harriet J Woodcock - Postcard From Home (from the EP 'Four Locks')
Devil Say Dance - Icarus Fly (from the album 'Embers')
Tonight We Fly - Wallet (from the EP 'Sum')
Soulonaut - What Does That Mean? (from the EP 'Own Devices')
Forrest Cokely - Problems (from the album 'peaces')
Tonight We Fly - Highs (from the EP 'Sum')
Devil Say Dance - Pyromania (from the album 'Embers')
Forrest Cokely - Letters (from the album 'peaces')
Ziegler Co. - What Was Her Name? (from the EP 'Portraiture')
Harriet J Woodcock - Space (from the EP 'Four Locks')
Soulonaut - Own Devices (from the EP 'Own Devices')

Track Listing