Foof Yourself: Vol. 1

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Foof Yourself: Vol. 1

The first in our series of retrospective compilations, Foof Yourself: Vol 1 contains tracks from each of the records we released between June and December 2013. With 2 tracks from each album and 1 track from each EP, there’s plenty to sift through here, so feel free to sit back and enjoy the whole lot in one big chunk, or keep that finger hovering over the skip button, ready to leapfrog anything at loggerheads with your refined tastes. We don’t care. We just thought it’d be nice to put everything together in one place for (a) the as-yet-uninitiated and (b) the casual Foof fan who doesn’t have the time to download everything without knowing for definite that they’ll like it all. Of course, all the music contained herein is available on the original albums/EPs for free on this here website, so you can come back and get the full thing with just a couple of clicks. We make it so easy!

Also, as free downloads don’t come in a sleeve that can hold liner notes, libretto leaflets or anything of that nature, when you download the record, you will also get a PDF file containing everything you ever wanted to know about the recordings contained therein, to read at your leisure.

Bruised & Battered Sister - A Blossom Fell (from 'Soul Drop')
If God Exists - Devil Say Dance (from 'Madmen')
La Grippe - Wrenford Hoof (from 'White Gravy')
Holding On - Soulonaut (from 'Out Of Nowhere')
I Wander - Isaw - (from 'New Dawn')
The Waiting Room (live) - Mister Bicester (from 'Tonight We Ride - live at Elmslie Point')
Chauffeuring - Wrenford Hoof (from 'The Good Mud Underfoot')
The Twisted Heart's Club Fan - Devil Say Dance (from 'Madmen')
Mayhem & Exit - A Blossom Fell (from 'Soul Drop')
Smoking Gun - Wrenford Hoof (from 'White Gravy')
The Commuters - Soulonaut (from 'Out Of Nowhere')
Drown Me In A World Of Sound - Devil Say Dance (from 'Underwater Breathing')
Family Ties (live) - Mister Bicester (from 'Tonight We Ride - live at Elmslie Point')

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