Welcome to Foof Records

Who are we?

Foof Records is a UK-based label, active since June 2013. We release new and exclusive music, and we absolutely insist on you being able to download it for free.

Why are we?

We exist to give independent bands exposure, without tying them in to any contracts or asking them for money… when artists release on Foof, they remain totally unsigned and free to do as they ruddy well please. We’re here to create a reliable network of independent artists working together to help each other. We give their music a platform, we promote it, and we give them opportunities to make money from their art, all the while protecting their recordings via a Creative Commons licence, so they don’t have to work for anyone but themselves.

In short, we promote independent music that we love, at no cost to the artist or listener, just because we want the world to hear it.

So what’s not to love?

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Foof Yourself!

Foof Yourself!