Contact Us

We’d love you to get in touch. For any reason, really. But we’d particularly like it if you sent us a message for one of the following reasons:

  • To tell us if you’d like us to check out your music; we’re always looking for new and wonderful things to release here at Foof Records. Links to soundcloud and video clips and things like that are great.
  • To let us know any problems you have had downloading or playing any of our releases. We try to make sure everything always works perfectly, but if you have encountered a glitch, a gremlin, or a ghost in the machine, then please, be a dear, let us know.
  • To contact any of the artists with regards to usage of the music, including reworkings and remixes of music released on Foof (please check our creative commons licence page for guidelines of usage). We and our artists would love to hear if the music on our site has inspired someone else to create something wonderful.
  • To contact our artists regarding bookings, promotions, or even just to tell them they’re terribly attractive and you wish to meet them.
  • To ask any questions of us. We’ll try to get back to you as quickly as we can. Promise.
  • To simply tell us how great we are (these are our favourite messages).

Of course, if you want to contact us about anything else, you are more than welcome. Happiness, as we all know, is a bulging inbox.